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The Star Essences

The Story of the
Star Essences

The Star Essences were conceived through a vision by the Star Doctor in 1985. He was divinely inspired with specific instructions for gathering the energy of stars, planets and other celestial energies, and capturing their spiritual essence in a liquid solution. These specific energies were interpreted through various dreams and visions as to the natural qualities of these essences. 

The Star Essences™ are cosmic, vibrational remedies which capture the spiritual, light energy from stars, planets and other celestial forces. The intent of the essences is to impart spiritual blessings and bring the universe closer to you and your loved ones. These energies work within the deepest levels of our spiritual self, to bring about personal transformation and healing. The Star Essences are heavenly guides that are designed to reveal one’s innermost spiritual path and purpose. The Star Essences contain forty primary stars, eight Planet Essences™ and seven Star Chakra™ Essences. Each of these essences convey unique ‘qualities,’ which are composed of many aspects and characteristics that encourage change and personal growth within one’s life.
How might the Star Essences encourage you on your spiritual path?
  • Spark enhanced creativity within aspects of one’s life including art, literature, music and business
  • Enhearten your relationships with others
  • Inspires happiness and joy through loving, kindness and compassion
  • Revitalize your spirituality through meditation, intuition, wisdom and dreams
  • Refresh your frequency and drop lower vibrational tendencies
  • Encourage the soul to go beyond physical, mental and spiritual limitations

What will I discover in a Star Essences session?

  • Identify which stars are active in your soul path as it relates to spiritual development within a specific period of time
  • Uncover your hidden unique spiritual gifts and talents
  • Find spiritual blocks, challenges and limitations to unlock your true soul path
  • Fortify your Star Chakra™ imbalances, through spiritual alignment
  • Your astrological and zodiac associations and inclinations